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Artist Bio and Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have been an artist and interested in picture books for children. Pictures tell visual stories, and when paired with words...the imagination has no boundaries. My goal as an artist/illustrator is to create whimsical narrative art and illustrations that can be enjoyed by everyone!

If you have written a book for children and need some cool illustrations to help tell your story...check out the "Illustrations" section of my website! There you will find samples of my style and other information.  

I am a published illustrator of the following children's books:


The Key to Chivalry, by Monica A. Nicoll, Ph.D., which is a book about resilience and emotional intelligence for parents and children. (2018)


King's Day Out - The Car Wash, by Maggie van Galen and Dr. Amy Letizia Wheadon, Occupational Therapist

King's Day Out - The Car Wash is a story about a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and his best friend Ben sharing the experience of trying something new and challenging. Each story introduces a new adventure and the sensory challenges that can be associated with it. (2021)



Moon Juice, by author Molly Alesch, is a beautiful story about a mama who teaches her children about the word “intention” and encourages them to believe in the magic of the moon, but also to believe in themselves. (2021)


Check out my "Recent Illustration Projects" page for details and links to the book's website and social media platforms!


Current memberships include:

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