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It's that time of year!  Taking Holiday orders now! 

It's a two week turn around for most jackets, so get

your orders in early!

Need a Special Gift?

I'm a huge fan of street art, which has been popping up in cities around the world.  Colorful and whimsical, expressive and always unique...street art was my inspiration for creating wearable art for people of all ages. 

Perfect for:

 Holiday Gifts -  Birthday Gifts - New Baby Gifts

* Commissions encouraged!

 Check out ready made designs on my Etsy page! 

Image by Cassandra Hamer

Where do the jackets come from?

The Jackets that I paint on are sourced from various places.  Some are up-cycled items, some are brand-new.  Prices for each finished painted jacket will vary because of the cost and amount of time to paint the item. 

Image by Anna Kolosyuk

What kind of paint is used?

I use acrylic paint mixed with a paint medium, which helps the paint to bond to the fabric.  The paint cures for a period of time and then the image is heat-set to help insure longevity.

Image by No Revisions

Can the denim jackets be washed?  If

The painted jackets ARE washable! 

Care instructions will come with each jacket purchased.

*Hand Washing

* Machine Wash/Dry

*Iron Inside-Out

  (Never directly on the image)


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